The Covid-19 nightmare returns to scare. With the arrival of the dangerous delta variant, the contagion curve began to rise again rapidly. In response, and given the situation after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese government intends to extend the state of emergency. L ‘Anime industry Will it have further effects?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Japanese animation industry became affected by delays and canceled projects. With the end of the summer season and the spread of the delta variant, the situation could become tragic again. The contagion curve is rising steadily and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics only made things worse in Japan. In response, the Japanese government intends to extend the state of emergency.

According to Mainichi newspaper reports, several government sources have leaked the will of the Japanese government to prolong the state of emergency. The state of emergency will be extended until September 12 in six prefectures in Japan, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka and Okinawa.

Seven more prefectures will be added to the above prefectures, including those of Kyoto, Fukuoka and Shizuoka. In these prefectures Antivirus measures they are tightened and the controls tougher. In addition, it was also reported that the Paralimipadi will take place without spectators.

The city of Tokyo alone did well on Sunday 4,295 new Covid-19 cases. These measures are therefore necessary so that the contagion curve does not rise again. It remains to be seen whether the restrictions will somehow affect the anime industry, which could again suffer hardship and financial losses due to the dire situation.

The pandemic has negatively influenced about the anime industry throughout 2020; If losses should be recorded again this year, the situation would be very serious. Finally, we leave you with five souls that Mamoru Hosoda says is a must-see for you.

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