ONE PIECE 991: First surprise spoilers, an important fight is coming

Some insiders have managed to get their hands on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine early on for a while to reveal a surprising preview spoiler. Also this week the usual spoilers of ONE PIECE They leaked about a week after their official release.

The first spoilers of chapter 991 of ONE PIECE have been on the internet for a few hours after some Korean sources released the first content of the new episode. The hiatus, scheduled at the end of Chapter 990, lasted less than expected thanks to the efforts of insiders, although some fans have expressed their disappointment with the much-anticipated release of the spoilers. Anyway, the first news will follow here:

  • Title: "Let Me Die";
  • At the end there is a sentence in which the Red Sheaths say to Kaido: "Let us die as samurai of odes";
  • Luffy agrees to the alliance with Drake, but Zoro, Jinbe and Franky refuse and decide to stop him.
  • Page One and Ulti attack the Mugiwara, but are intercepted by Nami and Usopp, who manage to divert their attention.
  • When Drake is forced to face Zoro, Apoo suddenly appears to attack both of them. The two face Apoo together;
  • Jack falls (whether figuratively or worse not stated) due to Inuarashi and Nekomamushi in their Sulong form. Kaido prepares for the fight;
  • Kaido tries to take down Kinemon with Boro Breath, but his powerful attack is split in two by the samurai.
  • The chapter ends with Kinemon saying, "Let me die";

In addition, the leaks herald No break for next week. And you, what do you think of those first spoilers instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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