The animated adaptation of the spin-off video game of the same name, which is linked to the Akira Toriyama franchise, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission, achieves considerable success at home thanks to pleasant returns and a disproportionate fan service. But even in the series there were some bugs.

The seventh episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2 made its debut just a few days ago and was awaiting the big fight between Vegetto and Fuu that will begin with the eighth episode, which is expected to be released this month. However, during the last episode it was broadcast at TOEI animation An error occurred that was immediately caught by the fans.

In this case, during a scene, the same is appended to the end of the message. Trunks tuft disappears for a moment Leave it for a brief moment with a fun hairstyle, to say the least. The animation industry is not new to errors of this nature, often caused by the fast pace of the sector, and even the most popular titles are not free from forgetfulness or technical issues, like both Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Super ONE PIECE.

And you noticed that funny detail instead? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below. But when you spoke of the non-canon anime associated with the Toriyama franchise, did you know that an evil Saiyan is about to return?

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