In the years Dragon ball has spawned many fans around the world and just as many are the collectors who love to fill their homes with products related to their favorite franchise. Let's look at the series of statues from one of these enthusiasts.

The manga was written by Akira Toriyama from 1984, and although the original work was completed in the past 25 years, the impact on pop culture is indelible and many carry this series in their hearts. THE Success of the comic and its animated implementation made a strong impact for years leading Shueisha to the decision to start producing a manga sequel called in 2015 Dragon Ball Super. The latter, which is still in the works, has drawn fans old and new while keeping attention to the work.

Among the many Saiyan lovers who always stand up for the galaxy, we identify Instagram user Richie Shia who decides to share his Collection of statues dedicated to the protagonists and antagonists of the saga. In particular, in the photo at the end of this message, we see various reproductions of characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Gogeta and many others, each one on its own various forms of Super Saiyan and in alternative recolored versions.

What do you think of this fantastic exhibition? Leave us a comment. I also remind you that this year Dragon Ball turns 36, and I also bring you news of the wonderful creation of a Dragon Ball animator.

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