There are no wars that have no consequences on either front. The first half of The attack of the giants 4 started the Marley saga and the expected confrontation between the mighty empire and the research corps. However, the new episode brought a big twist.

Before you begin, you need to establish a premise: the content of this news is an integral part of Episode 8, which is expected to be released tomorrow morning VVVVIDWe therefore recommend that you stop reading if you are not at eye level with reading the manga.

Episode 8 of The Attack of the Giants 4 left the audience with bated breath that certainly wasn’t expecting such a big turn. Indeed, Gabi shot a bullet at Sasha, one of the historical figures of the opera who lost her life in this first part of the conflict. Fans have greeted the heroine so much that she went viral among the trending on Twitter, and even her official voice actress has decided to pay homage to her with a post on her social channels, the following:

“”I am Yu Kobayashi. Sasha’s story is finally over. It’s hard to accept that my beloved Sasha is gone, but at the same time it’s a wonder I’ve been with her for so long. I received so many important things from her that right now all I feel is gratitude. I will continue to be with Sasha forever. “

Words that confirm the many years in which the voice actress gave her her voice, a time in which Sasha faced so many adversities with sympathy and courage. What do you think of his death? Let us know with a comment below.

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