SWORD attacks Hachinosu to free Koby. The Marine Division follows the command of legendary Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who raised the bar in this war against Emperor Blackbeard. And that crew is returning to the ONE-PIECE 1081 spoiler done with the first pictures.

The Chapter 1081 of ONE PIECE starts with a double color page, as you can see below, the male part of the Straw Hat crew is asleep, except for Sanji, who is reading a book while four squirrels watch from the top of their bladders, nibbling on fruit. Titled Kuzan, Commander of the Tenth Ship, Chapter 1081 picks up right where the previous one ended, with the aftermath of Garp's colossal blow. Kuzan appears and freezes Hibari with Koby helping her. Kuzan then meets Garp face to face.

Kuzan asks Garp if he will be able to kill his former number one apprentice to save his current one and then reveals that he admires the way he has always done what he wanted and he then decided to join the crew of Lehren. But Garp wants to teach his opponent a lesson. Start a flashback with Teach and Kuzan takes place a year after the end of the fight between Punk Hazard and Akainu. Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot and Doc Q are frozen and the rest of Blackbeard's crew arrives, who enters a bar and finds Kuzan, they start drinking together.

Lafitte tells Blackbeard to kill Kuzan and take that power for the crew, at which the former admiral gets angry, but Teach apologizes and instead offers to join him, then asks him about the burn-scar man, since he is the one who did it is the remaining street Poneglyph. Sailing around in a black ship, he can create whirlpools that sink his enemies into the sea. Shiryu wonders if he is a world government man preventing the pirates from reaching the One Piece. Kuzan says he doesn't know anything and then resumes the fight Garp vs. Kuzan. Garp has no problem destroying the ice attacks and then uses the Blue Hole technique to knock Kuzan down with a powerful attack from Conqueror King's Haki.

We change the landscape and continue to Winner Island: Trafalgar Law was defeated. Teach is panting and has a lot of blood on his face, now he is contemplating what to do, whether to get his power or whether to sell it. Bepo sees what is happening to his captain and takes a drug Chopper gave him, causing him to evolve the Sulong form, making him gigantic and fearsome. Bepo attacks Teach before he can steal Law's power and grabs his captain and then carries him out to sea. The Polar Tang was wrecked and the rest of the crew either passed out at sea or was bottomed.

The ONE PIECE chapter ends with the narration β€œOn Winner Island, in the New World… the The Trafalgar Law crew was defeated".

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