Lots of surprises in the final chapter of ONE PIECE, however, they don't end with the events of chapter 1072. There are many questions that need to be answered and it is likely that Dr. Vegapunk can explain everything, except that now the focus is not on him. And they also confirm it ONE-PIECE 1073 spoiler.

In fact, the first advances of the chapter have arrived. ONE PIECE 1073 it is entitled "Miss Buckingham Stussy" and consists of only 15 pages. In the cover mini-adventure, Vegapunk invented a tank that shoots flowers and other harmless weapons while Judge, Queen and Caesar look on in disgust. The chapter then continues where the last one ended with Kaku falling asleep and Standing Stussy who also wants to put Lucci to sleep.

Lucci tries to attack her but the woman uses an illusion. Her lipstick is made of agalmatolite and she uses it to weaken the leopard, which then bites and puts it to sleep. Stussy reveals that she is Vegapunk's secret ally who he didn't know joined CP0, but the agent reveals that he cannot override the Seraphim's attack order since he has the same power as Lucci. S-Hawk is about to attack Llilith and Edison at the exit, but Zoro stops him and a fight ensues. S-Shark also wants to hit Edison, but Sanji blocks him. At this point, Edison manages to give the order and stops everyone. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper search for Vegapunk and Bonney in the lab.

At Sphinx Island, Marco returns to find that the island has been attacked by Marines, but Edward Weevil and Miss Buckin have defended it however their son did captured by Admiral Ryokugyu. Miss Buckin asks Marco to save her son and give him Whitebeard's inheritance and that she must ask Vegapunk if she wants answers as to the man's identity. At sea, however, is Kizaru's ship. After checking whether or not it has been poisoned, the admiral brings a meal to an old man who is on the boat.

The Old Man is none other than one of the five members of the Stars of Wisdom, the man with the pigtails and the scar on the left side of his face. His name is Saint Jegarcia Saturn who has encountered Vegapunk before and regrets it has come to this. ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week.

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