With a touch of class, Kohei Horikoshi demonstrated his great writing skills. A very small hint that was provided some time ago and which will prompt numerous theories among fans at the time is exploited in My Hero Academy 378 to turn the tables. Now it's official, these two characters have already had a chance to clash!

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia have brought redemption to a trio of old villains. First La Brava, then Gentle Criminal and Lady Nagant also returned to the stage Helping Deku solve a seemingly impossible situation and desperate. Your ransom stops the chaos in My Hero Academia's flying fortress.

Formerly the master hacker Skeptics had taken control of UA's systems to bring down the structure that Tomura Shigaraki had blocked. However, the extraordinary Computer knowledge of La Brava They allowed Gentle Criminal's former villain partner to drive off the intruder and regain control of the systems. But did you know that this isn't the first cyber battle between Skeptic and La Brava?

An intriguing theory from My Hero Academia has been confirmed with Chapter 378 written by Kohei Horikoshi. In one of the extras included in the volumes of the work, it is explained that Skeptic is a very skilled hacker and that He has only been defeated once in his entire hacking career. Fans had assumed in the past that La Brava had beaten Re-Destros Villain, but now that hypothesis is official.

In My Hero Academia 378 we discover that Chikazoku's company, Feel Good Inc., has been hacked, and that this is the case it was performed by La Brava. When the advertising kittens that once infested his company's computer systems resurface, Skeptic gives in to despair.

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