We are nearly there. After a long wait it isBoruto Anime: Naruto Next Generations will return soon to adapt the events of the manga series of the same name by Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto. The Tails Saga begins with episode 287 of Boruto, but how long will it be? The situation is worrying.

During the year 2022 theThe Boruto anime continued with original storylines specially created by Studio Pierrot. In fact, the animated series had gotten too close to the events of the manga and the animation studio had to pause to allow the writers to create new content. However, the situation is about to change.

Boruto 286 closes the arc around the adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden and immediately afterwards, from mid-February 2023, The Tails saga begins. But does the animated series really have enough substance to adapt?

The latest Boruto episode that follows the events of the manga is 220, which adapts chapters 56-58. Currently the last published chapter of Boruto is the 77th, so Studio Pierrot can adapt a total of almost 20 chapters. Assuming each chapter of Boruto is around 40 pages, it could take two episodes for a single chapter. If we add the hypothetical presence of filler content, it can be surmised that the Code saga will continue for many weeks before returning to the original content.

At this moment It is not yet known how many episodes the code sheet will consist ofbut according to this line of reasoning, Studio Pierrot would need to have a mass of content available to produce at least 30 episodes.

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