In the wide universe of dragon ball Few characters can have a story as dramatic as that of Gohan from the future. Master of Trunks, seeing his life shattered by the power of androids, Gohan managed to keep going despite it all, and one fan decided to pay homage to him with an imaginative tribute even more futuristic illustration.

Following the artist's incredible work of In-Hyuk Lee, who dared to introduce Trunks from the future in cyberpunk style, this time it was @Hichamhabchi, a designer who has collaborated with very large companies such as Blizzard or Marvel itself to propose a reinterpretation of this type of Gohan. The result as you can see in the post at the bottom of the page is a Gohan in much more detailand with many weapons in his arsenal.

The suit, at least from the icon on the left leg, should stay in the classic orange color that we've become accustomed to by now. At this moment The artist only shared the final draft, which is already particularly imaginative and very original. And what do you think of this peculiar version of Gohan? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we remind you that an enthusiast has summarized the clash between Goku SSJ3 and Kid Buu in a series of fanarts and we leave you the magnificent figurine of the Tamashii Nations dedicated to Trunks Vs Mecha Freeza.

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