Vegapunk's laboratory turns out to be full of secrets, not only for the future technology with which it is equipped. The genius inventor who's been talked about so much over the course of ONE PIECE It has finally revealed itself in all its forms, leaving stunned the protagonists of the manga who have just crossed their paths.

Certainly, the welcome from Seraphim Jinbe was not very welcome among the Mugiwara, but Vegapunk Shaka then blocked the fight. And his very last words unleash a flurry of theories: this version, the doctor's first, following logic, reveals that Egghead is actually a place of the past. Here was the technology of the ancient kingdom, and indeed, Luffy and his companions find a giant robot with a very ancient appearance.

In ONE PIECE 1066 important secrets are revealed. During this saga - short for now, but already quite intense - Eiichiro Oda seems to have set himself the goal of revealing a lot of information about his world. What will Vegapunk reveal? Obviously there can be many ways, one of which is that Egghead was an ancient workshop or at least an important place where the ancient kingdom operated. And so it would be no coincidence that Vegapunk is included.

It is possible that the island's particular conditions are also possible, precisely because the ancient kingdom had modified this region of the world for some experiments. In any case, important revelations about the ancient kingdom are fast approaching, one of the pieces that have always been missing from the manga puzzle. ONE PIECE 1066 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday November 13, 2022.

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