"I have nothing to hide," the words of a seemingly frightened old man who appears to be planning a trap. Hunter x Hunter Chapter 393 wasn't very lucky for the soldier who made a pact with the right arms of the two of Kakin's main mafiasthe Xi-Yu family and the Cha-R family.

The poor soldier, in fact, became the victim of the misfortune caused by the smile of Keni'i, the right arm of the Cha-R family, and disappeared - perhaps dead - at the entrance of the room occupied only by a poor old man found. Now the two big boys must try to understand the mystery behind this whale ship room, but without losing their lives or ending a life with unpredictable attacks.

Hunter x Hunter 394 will most likely continue in this direction connected to Kakin's mafia. Meanwhile, the story focuses too much on them to completely change the setting and scenarios, so Hinrigh and Keni'i will be the protagonists in the next chapter as well. The two will try to steal as much information as possible from the old man and then maybe kill him. But it's not certain if the secret of the room is connected to the Heil-Ly family, in fact it's likely someone else is behind it given Togashi's modus operandi.

That Chapter 394 of Hunter x Hunter will be released on Sunday November 13th on MangaPlus.

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