Aka Akasaka has worked on several manga throughout her career, but none of them as famous as Kaguya-sama: Love is War. The romantic comedy His was first published in the minor magazine Miracle Jump, and then, thanks to enormous popularity, after only 10 chapters and one volume, switched to the major Weekly Young Jump.

But all stories must end, and the end has come for Kaguya-sama too. On Wednesday, November 2nd, Young Jump's number was released in Japanese comics and stores with the latest chapter of the manga, which marked the end of the journey of the boys of Shuchiin and the protagonist Kaguya Shinomiya. There will - maybe - be room for Kaguya-sama spin-offs, but for now it's an immature speech to go on.

Instead, the entire audience crowds together for the finale of a work that undoubtedly ranks among the most important in the romantic panorama, not only of this period but of all times. And that's why the end is celebrated Enako, Japan's most famous cosplayer. The model celebrates with this manga and anime Kaguya Shinomiya cosplaythe protagonist Shuchiin vice president of the student council.

Certainly a nice way to say goodbye to the series.

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