Japan is now the whole theater of battle, a battle that will sanction the end of the war between the heroes and the villains. All for One is at the head of the second faction and, despite the difficulties, has a very concrete plan in mind that also includes the use of Spinner, which has been completely redesigned in recent chapters My Hero Academy.

This transformation allowed him to withstand Shoji's full blown blow, allowing him to recover and cheer on his comrades for the invasion. Spinner made his way to the hospital and reached the room where Kurogiri is being held, but alone. The only one following him isn't himself, but it is the hero Present Mic who is still determined to save his friend. And so "Kurogiri" and "Shirakumo" have to fight each other between two screams.

Who will win this battle in My Hero Academia 373?? Undoubtedly, however, the victory of one of the two souls of the current villain will be decreed. Shirakumo's victory would also mean another defeat for All for One and with it Spinner, who could be teleported to another location, away from everyone and rendered harmless. On the other hand, with a Kurogiri in action, the villains could easily win the war. However, the first case is more likely.

We won't know anytime soon as Kohei Horikoshi went on hiatus: My Hero Academia 373 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday November 20th.

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