Dragon Ball: One of the WWE stars in this Bulma cosplay

The franchise of Dragon ball is one of the most popular in the entire Japanese animation industry and re-affirmed that this thesis has been confirmed by one of the stars of the WWE who will most likely enter the ring with a fantastic Bulma cosplay.

Before WWE Monday Night Raw aired, Superstar Lana, also known as CJ Perry, shared a Dragon Ball cosplay of her on Twitter. The fighter paid homage the very young Bulma which made its debut in Akira Toriyama's first series. From the iconic pink dress to the blue hair that runs through the bow on the braid and the handbag at the waist, the interpretation is almost perfect. The shot was accompanied by an incredible anticipation that could cheer up all Dragon Ball fans. "Make sure you hear #Raw tonight!".

After Lana gave up her role as the companion of Rusev, another WWE star, she tried to assert herself as a solo artist. However, the results have been quite disastrous for them. Bring this cosplay into the ringLana was finally able to reverse her losing streak. But do you remember how Goku's adventure began? Let's take a step back in Dragon Ball's past. Despite what one might expect, Krillin is the strongest grounder in Dragon Ball, that's why.

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