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Chapter 18: The Tutor Uncle

Anya’s exams are not at all satisfactory and to avoid being expelled she must study, besides she will not be able to use her powers on the day of the exam. Loid tries, unproductive results. Yor says that he told Yuri if he could do it, the brother comes immediately and after a short psychological brawl with his brother-in-law, it starts. Yuri does not see salvation, but for his beloved sister he follows him to the end. Anya tries too and works hard, in the end both are exhausted, but when he asks about grammar and Anya says “What is grammar?” the guy gives up. He eats his sister’s cookies and leaves. Anya studied at her side.

Uncle, niece and studies

I’ve been waiting for Yuri and Anya’s interaction for a long time. I thought they would have a bit more chemistry but I don’t like the result I saw, it’s what was expected of him, obsessed with his sister. Though it could still be seen that he had a genuine interest in teaching Anya when she spoke of conquering the world. A questionable point is the one they made for the development of the chapter that Anya has no powers when there is a new moon or an eclipse (the terms can cause some confusion but consider that the new moon is a type of eclipse) . . This should have been announced or said a while ago I think because not just a few days have passed since the passage, but more time.

Most likely, the loss of power was something that was thought to develop the chapter. I hope that these data will not be in vain and later they will be useful for the plot. Well, this forced Anya to study and call Yuri, who cannot despise her dear sister’s food.

breaking Dawn

A new spy wants to make a name for himself, he has a mission, but he’s as anonymous as possible. He also manages to sneak into the note room with the help of Loid, who has disguised himself. In the vault he changes the notes but leaves the “Professor” and obviously Loid corrects what the previous one did and leaves Anyas as is. The telepath managed to narrowly miss, but the spy was fired.

Not much to say about this part, to be honest some parts even reminded me of him Gintama, like the one on the pole where Daybreak covers his head with his hat and the rest of his body is exposed. It’s mostly a comedy part, with some implications for later. These chapters feel like filler, but I feel like little things are revealed and the plot progresses slowly but surely. Which things? The new moon thing, the Desmond brothers thing to mention (and I hope they make use of that information, otherwise nothing was really contributed). I must say that Anya and Yuri could have given a whole chapter if, for example, they went to the library.

Anyway, I don’t want to strain myself because this chapter was shown. Yor’s action is coming next week, I’m looking forward to it.

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