The Wano Saga comes to lifeAnime by ONE PIECE. While we await the long-awaited transformation that will decide the fight between Luffy and Kaido, TOEI Animation's adaptation focuses on the last remaining fights.

THE Mugiwara looks desperate, with Sanji confronting his inner demons in the midst of his fight with Queen. After the Germa 66's raid suit is destroyed, the Mugiwara cook decides to fight with all his might to make his captain great. However, in ONE PIECE 1057, Sanji makes Zoro promise to kill him if he loses his mind at the end of the fight due to the Vinsmokes' altered genes.

In ONE PIECE 1058 instead it is Zoro who encounters an obstacle seemingly insurmountable. Despite employing his deadliest techniques, none of his blows can harm the King of the Hundred Beasts' pirate superstar.

As the fight progresses, Zoro is getting tired. On the other side, King keeps attacking until he decides to give the swordsman a white gun fight. Zoro is eventually thrown off and knocked unconscious. At this point, however, music coming from a shamisen ignites Enma's anger. There Sword that once belonged to Oden begins stealing Haki from Zoro. This melody is played by Hiyori, who as Komurasaki is trying to get revenge on the fake shogun Orochi.

Meanwhile, Kazenbo, the demon awakened by Kanjuro's last show, sets fire and flames on the different levels of Onigashima. While Yamato is trying to reach the lowest level to get rid of the explosives that could destroy the Flower Capital, the infernal monster almost reaches Kaido's son. At the same time, Momonosuke tries to prevent the castle from falling to the ground by assisting the structure's flight with the clouds it creates. We'll find out how the story continues with the release of ONE PIECE 1059.

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