Katsuki Bakugo's birthday is celebrated on April 20th and for Celebrate My Hero Academia's most explosive and sizzling hero A trailer tracing his story has been released on the JUMP COMICS CHANNEL YouTube channel.

As fans await updates on My Hero Academia anime season 7, Shueisha celebrates the birthday of Kacchan, a deuteragonist and most popular character from My Hero Academia.

Through the promotional clip that you will find in the article, Jump summarizes the history of Bakugofrom his debut as a Class 1-A student at Yuei High, where he was able to don his budding hero costume for the first time, to his first fights with his classmates Kirishima and Fumikage.

Between a spark and an explosion, the video shows theBakugo's obsession with the title of Hero #1the internship at the Endeavor agency alongside Deku and Shoto and the moment he sacrificed himself for the good of his rival/enemy.

In the clip we also see Bakugo's apology staged in My Hero Academia 6x23 and the Clash with Tomura Shigaraki in the final story arc of the work. The My Hero Academia PV shows why All For One despises Bakugo so much and concludes with the cover of Volume 37 of the manga series.

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