The Dragon Ball Super manga has ventured into the Super Hero Saga, a narrative arc that aims to adapt the events of the last anime film and that will lead to the Goten and Trunks by reconnecting with the prequel story Birth of new and powerful Z warriors ready to defend the earth.

In Dragon Ball Super 91, Red Ribbon is reborn, the criminal organization that silenced Goku when he was a kid. Carmine and Magenta, the two leaders of the new Fiocco Rosso, have found the nephew of the evil Dr. brought Gelo into their service. Hedo, that's his name, is building one new Android generation.

The Chapter 92 of Dragon Ball Super begins with Piccolo is attacked by Gamma 2. Harnessing the knowledge of God, the Namek recognizes the symbol of the Red Ribbon and immediately realizes that what is before him is an android of their construction. However, the opponent proves more difficult than expected and Piccolo escapes the fight, making the opponent believe in his death.

secretly track gamma 2, Piccolo discovers Red Ribbon's headquarters and the plan its leaders intend to implement. Besides Gamma 2, Hedo built a second android, Gamma 1. But that's not all, because the ultimate goal is to breathe new life into Cell.

Piccolo discovers this and warns Bulma of what is happening. In return, Bulma has to warn Goku and Vegeta, but they do They train with Broly on Beerus' Planet and under the direction of Whis. As the latter failed to notice Bulma's attempts to make contact, The other Z warriors must take care of defending the earth.

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