The Wonder Girl series, in which Amazonian warrior Yara Flor discovered she was destined to be the next Wonder Woman, was canceled by DC Comics despite fan appreciation. Wonder Girl #7 will therefore be the last issue in the series, despite the official release of issue 8's synopsis now will never see the light.

Written and illustrated by Joelle Jones, Wonder Girl has been available since its inception in 2021 has earned the admiration of the fans. The announcement from DC Comics, which doesn't explain the reasons for the cancellation, reads: "The current Wonder Girl run concludes with Wonder Girl #7, available January 25th. Yara Flor's adventures continue in Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1 and #2, available March 22 and April 19, respectively. Wonder Girl #8, anticipated by DC Connect #18, has been canceled. Stay tuned for more news on Wonder Girl's future".

Author Joelle Jones did not comment on the news, merely writing on Twitter that "There will be no number 9, but the story will continue in Trial of the Amazons"Thus, although the next issue of Wonder Girls will be the last, Fans can find solace in the two-part Trial of the Amazon Wonder Girl miniseries, also by Joelle Jones.

The comic book series follows the same fate as the television series: Last February, the CW canceled the Wonder Girl series that would become part of the Arrowverse. Different speech for 'big sister' Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot has revealed when filming of Wonder Woman 3 will begin.

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