In Chapter 79 of Boruto, the almighty power of Eida rewrote the history of Kawaki. Until recently, the former Isshiki Vessel was considered a traitor, but thanks to the girl's abilities, all of Konoha's shinobi are now convinced that he is Naruto Uzumaki's sonkilled by Boruto.

Boruto 80 begins with Shikamaru asking Eida if she's really sure Boruto killed the Seventh Hokage. Kawaki puts his hand on her collar and forces Eida to lie. Shiakamru therefore advises all ninja of the leaf to sit down on the hunt for the traitor Boruto.

While trying to appease Mitsuki's anger, a confused, Sarada collapses to her knees while listening to Shikamaru's broadcast. Making the young Uchiha understand what just happened is sumire. the previous The class teacher understood that the power of Eida rewrote history and she and Sarada of all people are immune to this effect. It's up to them to defend Boruto from what happens.

As Eida wonders if Kawaki was right to go that far, Sasuke joins his daughter Sarada. The girl tries to make her father, who is also subjugated by Eida, understand the truth, but to no avail. But when Sarada gains the Hypnotic Sharingan Through the power of love, Sasuke decides to trust his only daughter.

There Boruto's escape is stopped by Team 10. The Ino-Shika-Cho formation blocks the movements and verbally attacks the blonde ninja. Boruto betrayed the trust of those who welcomed him to Konoha by killing the Hokage. Momoshiki tries to bend Boruto's will by promising to fix the situation, but at the last moment Sasuke Uchiha rescues his best friend's son.

Sasuke still doesn't believe Sarada and Boruto's version of events, whose memory has been brainwashed by the power of Eida. However, he begins to doubt himself as he watches Boruto wear his forehead guard, which he was convinced he had given to Kawaki instead.

Eida reaches Boruto and Sasuke, who are now safe, and apologizes for what he did. It wasn't his intention to ruin Boruto, just to help Kawaki. redeem yourself Eida promises not to reveal Boruto's whereabouts to Shikamaru and Kawaki.

Boruto Chapter 80 ends with Sasuke telling Boruto that if he really is Naruto's son, he has to prove it personally by his actions. Momoshiki is nervous about how the situation has turned out meanwhile Code also promises revenge on Eida. There will be no new chapters next month. In fact, a long hiatus is planned for the Boruto manga.

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