One of the most popular themes from Boruto is the relationship between the Hokage, Naruto and his children, particularly with the protagonist of the sequel of the same name. The latter has never tolerated his father's commitments, which repeatedly distanced him from his family, even on special occasions.

There was actually an episode aired recently where Uzumaki celebrated that Birthday of little Himawari. Due to his many commitments as a Hokage, Naruto only attended the event with one clone to continue working in the office.

Eventually, however, the clone's chakra disappears entirely and so does its copy, causing the cake to fall to the ground in front of Himawari, inciting Boruto's anger. Fans harshly criticized the ninja, accusing Naruto of being a bad father. If many have harshly commented on the Hokage's behavior, which could make the copy work in its place, someone else thought Naruto's absence was justified by his family background and fear of not knowing how to behave as a father. .

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