One of the films from Dragon Ball Z The most treasured of the entire Akira Toriyama mythology is without a doubt the one dedicated to the story of Trunks of the Future. In fact, after the merciless killings of the two cyborgs #17 and #18, the young hero remained the last surviving Saiyan in his timeline.

Without the intervention of Vegeta's son in the present timeline, Humanity would be destroyed by Freeza and his father even before the arrival of Goku, significantly delayed after his training on the planet Yardrat. In any case, what still amazes today is the incredible courage of the warrior who witnessed the deaths of the people he loved most, especially Gohan.

Gohan's future counterpart is one of the most beloved characters in the entire saga, a true hero that fans would love to see return in their own film. In this context, the artist fenyo_n wanted to dedicate an original illustration to the two characters, the same one that you can admire at the end of the news, in which he imagines the moment when at the end of the fight Trunks tears up the Master's lifeless body in tears away from the battlefield. A thrilling, human fan art that further underscores the anger of the Saiyan Prince's son ready for revenge.

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