With episode 218 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations, Konoha's shinobi were finally able to return home. Although not without serious consequences, the battle with the Kara organization was won. At least that is what everyone thinks. A new threat looms in the preview of the next part of the anime.

Thanks to Naruto's sacrifice he made forever greetings Kurama, and in Kawaki's brilliant plan, Isshiki Otsutsuki was eventually defeated. Before he could return home, however, the Leaf Village ninja also had to deal with the return of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who repossessed Boruto's body. The rise of "Borushiki" cost them Rinnegan after Sasuke Uchiha.

As can be seen from the advances published on Weekly Shonen Jump and in Saikyo Jump magazineDuring the next episode of the anime, the four protagonists finally return to Konoha, where Shikamaru and Amado are waiting for them. But instead of celebrating, the former Kara scientist warns against one new, impending threat.

Isshiki's ghost appears code, the last remaining resident, confides his last wishes to him. Apparently, Code possesses a "white" karma, an imperfect mark that denies it the opportunity to become a vessel for its beloved Master.

Meanwhile, Boruto returns to the sheet and reflects on what happened. Scared and humiliated for his Metamorphosis in Borushiki, Kawaki makes a promise. Together they will erase the karma seal from his body forever.

We leave you a promotional picture of Boruto 219 and recommend Boruto to the Indonesian CNN.

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