With the advent of the internet age, there has been a cultural revolution. Streaming has replaced the physical format, audibles and e-books overtake ordinary books, and finally the paper format has been replaced by the digital one. To adapt to this new reality Dc comics can soon decide to do without paper.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Creative Director Jim Lee gave his opinion on the digital format and the “old” paper. “Every now and then I come across some articles or tweets and have to bite my tongue to avoid jumping into the conversation. It is furthest from the truth, if anything, it is the exact opposite. The comics we publish guide everything we do. “

“Without going into the numbers, I can say that most of this sector in the West consists of physical magazines and comics in the direct market. It’s a dynamic business and this is where the core of our community resides.” “, added Managing Director Daniel Cherry III.

“Our community is expanding digitally. When we think of digital, we should do it as an extension of our core market rather than a replacement for the physical format.“According to the words of the two executives, DC Comics should not, at least for the next few years,” Give up paper and switch to digital publishing only.

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