Many western fans found themselves at odds with Golden Week, a week of partying that also marks a hiatus for Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. This means that ONE PIECE 1048 it will be released a week later than usual. However, that hasn't stopped the spoiler providers.

A few leakers have already been unleashed on the web who managed to get their hands on the magazine well in advance and leaked a bit of information about Eiichiro Oda's next story. here are the very first spoilers of ONE PIECE 1048:

  • The first side focuses on mini-adventures, with the cover dedicated to Ichiji and Reiju. The two are the shadows seen in previous chapters that imagined Whole Cake Island;
  • There is a flashback but it is not stated by whom;
  • Momonosuke attempts to create the clouds of fire to sustain Onigashima;
  • It seems that Momonosuke managed to move Onigashima;
  • The citizens of Wano still raise their lanterns into the night sky;
  • Luffy and Kaido collide after the flying island is moved;
  • Denjiro comes into the room where Hiyori is and cuts off Orochi's head;

It is also confirmed that ONE PIECE will not pause after this number and therefore will continue the weekly serialization for some time.

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