There are many light novels in Japan. The department is really prolific, ranging from spin-offs and manga and anime adaptations to original products. The latter, in turn, move between many genres and are not only limited to Isekai, but also leave room for romance and slice of life such as e.g Rascal does not dream of a dreaming girl.

In a story that precisely crosses segments of the protagonists' daily lives and a veil of romance, this light novel written by Hajime Kamoshida, which enlists the help of Keiji Mizoguchi for the drawings, is still a work in progress and now has several volumes behind it as well thanks to a production that has been going on since 2014. At the same time, it also received a manga and an anime adaptation, culminating in the Rascal film Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl The Movie.

Now the Bunny girl par excellence, Mai Sakurajima, is well known to all fans of anime and manga, even those who have not had direct contact with the series through the various official products. The girl in the bunny costume hit the mainstream after most series saw her in that outfit. Miss Bri sees it that way too, as can be seen here Mai Sakurajima Cosplay from Bunny Girl.

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