After the insane battle with the Supernatural Liberation Front led by Tomura Shigaraki, society of heroes has changed forever, and after a few days' leap in time, the situation does not seem to have changed. Indeed, the decline of Pro Heroes is of My hero academia it's getting more and more obvious.

The terrible clash with the villains prompted Izuku Midoriya to make a drastic decision: Dropped out of Yuei High School and his classmates. Now that Deku knows he is the target of Shigaraki and All For One, he has turned his back on his friends to protect them from new attacks.

After this event and a jump in time we find a Deku changed significantly, safer of yourself and your strength. With the Danger Sense, a kind of Spider Sense inherited from the fourth owner of One For All, the young hero immediately goes in search of a villain who is sowing panic in the city. A dangerous criminal who has faced and defeated himself before, Muscular.

Apparently Muscular hasn't forgotten hers either first dateIn fact, while in detention, he kept thinking about the day he would see him again. ""Midoriya. I missed you kid All of these pathetic idiots are out of date. Ain't enough".

However, the insane villain doesn't seem to want revenge. On the contrary, he thanks Deku for being able to do so change his mentality. ""I'm not looking for revenge or something as dramatic as that. This time you taught me a new meaning for the word fun and it was the point of no return. "

But Deku seems absolutely not to be impressed by these words. Here is his true power in Chapter 308 of My Hero Academia. Midoriya mastered a new skill, that's how much he improved in My Hero Academia.

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