In the fourth season of My Hero Academia, a group of U.A. Among the protagonists of the sortie there is also the heroine Ochako, who used her Quirk to offer assistance to the heroes on the front line.

Despite not representing the main character around whom the work is structured, Ochako can boast of a large slice of fans. Instagram user StarGirlAur is part of the choir, having created a cosplay that faithfully recalls its appearance and shows its main skill in action.

His Quirk, known as "Zero Gravity", allows it to manipulate gravity, managing to control even the heaviest objects that - once touched - begin to float. In addition, heroin has limited flight capacity. It is a skill that is still in the making, which if developed correctly could prove to be an additional element capable of enhancing its technical background.

In addition to his Quirk, which we remember being genetic in the world of My Hero Academia, Ocacho has acquired knowledge in the field of martial arts thanks to the hero Gunhead, becoming quite capable in hand-to-hand combat and defense against cutting weapons, as he demonstrated during his clash with Toga.

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We hinted at Season 4 in this article, but in the next Studio Bones iteration, which My Hero Academia sagas will receive an adaptation? My Hero Academia is the 20th best manga ever, according to the appreciation of the Japanese public.

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