nowadays Dc comics presents future projects that will cover part of 2021, and one of the latest announcements is about a miniseries that will take the place of the Dark Nights: Death Metal and Future State Events. In fact, the miniseries Crime Syndicate, written by Andy Schimdt and drawn by Kieran McKeown, will debut in March.

The series will carefully examine the origins of the group of Super villain known as the Earth-3 Evil Justice League, a planet that was reborn during the DC Multiverse rebuilding. The characters involved will be many, including mostly Ultraman, Super Woman, Owlman, Power Ring / Emerald Knight, Johnny Quick, and Atomica, and will focus on forming the Crime Syndicate group.

Schmidt himself commented on the production of the series with the following words: "It was given to me and Kieran a unique opportunitythat is, building a world from scratch. For the first time, we are putting up the story of the origins of Crime Syndicate - and how and why they met. And we don't take it lightly. You will understand that you have entered a whole world - this is it the story of Crime Syndicate, but it's also the story of Earth-3it will be quick and without locks. "

Recall that the new Batman, Harley Quinn, and Detective Comics writers have been announced, and we'll leave you to the new villain who appeared in the Justice League Endless Winter.

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