Tobi Roppo's introduction came almost at the beginning of Wanokuni's saga ONE PIECEwhen X-Drake and Page One were introduced on the island. The pirate duo then joined the rest in the last few months when the whole story moved to Onigashima. We then got to know the whole group of six.

But only in ONE PIECE 998 did Tobi Roppo really descend all six fighters on the battlefield. X-Drake, Ulti, Seite Eins, Black Maria, Sasaki and Who's Who are also all transformed and show their ancestral devil fruit.

Obviously me Tobi Roppo has transformed himself to corner his enemies, especially the straw hat pirates. While the traitor X-Drake, who has now gone to the side of the protagonists, protects Chopper, most of the chapter is about the three former captains, who have not yet been shown in their transformed version.

The The first fight is between Franky and SasakiThe cyborg must confront the Yamato Fishman. Sasaki has transformed into a triceratops and now the fight begins. He then followed the official status of Battle between Sanji and Black Maria. The cook was already trapped in the cobweb in ONE PIECE 997, but even in prison he has to face the enemies. After all The final fight shown in this chapter is that between Jinbe and Who's Who. The masked man with the smilodon model Devil Fruit seems to already know the former Shichibukai, and there could be many revelations in this fight.

The last appearance is dedicated to Ulti and Page One, also in the dinosaur version, who are looking for Nami and Usopp. Who knows who we'll see 999 of them in ONE PIECE.

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