The success of My hero academia continues to grow thanks to recent developments in the manga, the return of the anime, and the announcement of a third film with entirely original footage. A special exhibition in the series was also recently organized, which also featured an artwork on the relationship between Deku and Uraraka.

Indeed, during the exhibition, many enthusiasts noticed, among the numerous original illustrations that were available, a drawing relating in particular to a Moment of delicate intimacy between the protagonist Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka. In a recent interview conducted by Jump Giga, writer Kohei Horikoshi was asked about the meaning of this image and if sooner or later we will see actual developments in the relationship between the two characters in the series.

The mangaka replied This scene does not appear in the manga, but that Izuku and Uraraka will most likely get closer and closer. β€œIt's mostly aesthetic so I can't say there will be such a scene in the future. I designed it with that in mind, however how their relationship might develop if I examined them more closelyso it's not even completely disconnected. " These are the words the author uses to justify the illustration that immediately gave great hope to the couple's greatest supporters.

Recall that Horikoshi also talked about the ending and who will be involved in it, and we leave you to the predictions of chapter 311 of My Hero Academia.

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