Despite the defeat of Luffy, who fell into the waters of the Land of Wano, Kaido and his Hundred Beast Pirates are still at war with the Mugiwara and with their allies. The Gifters supported them, called to order by little Otama's brave words.

ONE PIECE 1040 ended with Jinbe defeating Who is Who who was trying to unravel the mystery of the Pirates of the Sun and the Pirates legendary warrior Nikathe one who gave smiles back to the enslaved peoples.

in the ONE PIECE 1041 two more battles unfold. Yamato challenged his father Kaidor who nonetheless tries to make peace by proposing to his son to become Shogun of Wano. However, Yamato intends to sever ties with Yonko at all costs, so decides to keep him in the fight until Luffy returns to Onigashima. Their battle will therefore be decided with both in their Zoan human-beast forms.

Meanwhile, on the live floor, Sanji fights Queen. The Mugiwara chef appears to be in trouble as the rival's cybernetic body resists his blows. As the two fight, Zoro is given a mysterious drug behind the scenes that will allow him to return to the fight immediately, but will subsequently cause him excruciating pain. Simultaneously supported by the Gifters Franky meets Tobiroppo Sasaki. The Pirate of the Hundred Beasts assumes his human-beast form and engages in a sword fight.

The episode ends with the Pirates of Hearts trying desperately Revive Luffy. Straw Hat has absorbed a lot of seawater, but after much effort from his allies, he finally manages to open his eyes again. Luffy is hungry and looking for meat. Will he come back to fight with the release of ONE PIECE 1042?

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