The last chapters offinal story arc of My Hero Academia spotlighted the mutant rebellion manipulated by All For One. The question seems to have definitely settled in Chapter 373 of Kohei Horikoshi's work, but there's still a question mark: does this character awaken as Shirakumo or Kurogiri?

Chapter 373 of My Hero Academia begins with Shoji thinking back to the orders he received from Present Mic. When the professor chases weirdo to the hospital, he has to do it Deal with the last forces of the mutant rebellion. However, there is no need to fight anymore. Seemingly struck by the words of the hero Octopus, the mutants raise the white flag despite the spider villain's attempts.

As Lock Rock acknowledges the merits of Shoji for putting down the rebellion with words rather than force, the scene shifts to the hospital, echoing My Hero Academia 372's call. Kurogiri however, it is motionless and has not accepted either request.

With his scream, Present Mic knocked Spinner out, who has now finally lost his motor and mental abilities. A final flash resulting from the memory of friendship with Shigaraki causes Spinner to place one of his hands on Kurogiri's face. At this point, surprisingly, the villain stands up and claims to be in the service of his master Tomura Shigaraki. However, there are traces of Oboro Shirakumo's facial features on his face. Which of the two personalities will prevail when My Hero Academia 374 is released?

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