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Chapter 9: True Friendship

On a snowy day the news of the preparations for a final mission is given, the guards must be vigilant without knowing any details. Karin, restless, sad and hurt, defies the gods for all the pain they inflict not only on her but also on the people she loves, like Yuna. He returns to the "normal" world with the guards, keeps his distance, he also talks to Kusunoki, with whom he has a confrontation that makes him open his eyes, he is not allowed to surrender. The next day he learns that Yuna will marry him Divine tree, but on the day of the final battle, they decide to save Yuna and prevent the marriage.

Chapter opinion

It seemed like a good chapter to me, through Karin it was possible to show Kusunoki in connection with the main events, although things were for Yuna and in a way everything revolves around them. I also saw the battle between the old rivals as good, fluid and relevant. Taisha treats the guards like the anime treats them, without so much importance and with very subordinate roles, that strikes me as very curious and even funny. They will be important for the final battle, however, as a general needs soldiers to be a good general. What will the heroines do? Is Yuna really going to get married?

Karin's pain

I share what Karin says, Kusunoki really doesn't know everything they have been through, his idea of ​​a hero is what dominates the guardian's mind. Memories keep us largely in reality, every change changes the present, so it is understandable that Karin felt so dismayed. He needed a few good punches with speeches, because in the end Kusunoki understood that he doesn't understand them, but that his "friend" has to do something anyway, because crying is pointless. The conversation was good as expected, which also reveals the reason for these two strange scenes in which Aya and Togo wake up confused. In general, I would say that this was the most relevant of the chapter or the longest apart from the mission.

Last mission

Our dear Yuna WILL MARRY! I think things were aligned towards that outcome, but I was surprised by what was said at the end, marriage will unite humanity with the gods and therefore everyone will stop suffering (human replenishment plan, where?). The guards don't know what to expect, they are chess pieces in the game and Yuna is the king, the heroes are the important pieces. Maybe it's a slaughter the way it was, the enemy is White because they attacked first. Will it really be the last battle? How many "final battles" were there before?

The result is promising because after several chapters we will see the club in action again. In the end there is little left and I really want that, because the past can also be told.

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