On the official site for the animated adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Shizuya Wazarai, Kentou Ankokuden Cestvsand its continuation entitled Kendo Shitouden Cestvstitled Cestvs: The Roman fighterIt has been confirmed that the series will have a total of eleven episodes. The information has been confirmed and says it will be put together into a single Blu-ray BOX package to be released in Japan next October.

The series has aired in Japan since April 14th. For his part, Wazarai published the manga Kentou Ankokuden Cestvs in the magazine Cub from the publisher Hakusensha between 1997 and 2009 with a total of fifteen compilation volumes. Then the sequel began to be released Kendo Shitouden Cestvs in the same magazine in 2010, and moved to the in 2014 Cub Arashi. You later moved serialization back into the app Manga Park in 2018.

Production team

  • Toshifumi Kawase ((Tenjgo Tenge, Incomparable Raijin-Oh) is responsible for the overall management of the project while Kazuya Monma ((Hero mask, Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu) directs the anime in the studios Bandai Namco Pictures.
  • The professional boxer Yoshihiro Kamegai acts as a consultant for the realization of the boxing scenes for the series.
  • Masahiro Tokuda, Akihiro Manabe Y. Yoshiyasu ueda You compose the soundtrack of the project.

Cestvs: The Synopsis of the Roman Fighter

In the year 54 d. C., Cestvs, a 15 year old slave fighter, wanted one thing: to escape his violent life. It is the wish that the owner of Cestvs promised to grant you, but only after you have won 100 battles. However, Cestvs is quick to accept the fact that his life as a slave is expendable. After his friend dies, the only thing keeping him going is the possibility of freedom. With a burning ambition to achieve this, Cestvs embarks on a journey to make a living, even if it means fighting other slaves to entertain the public.

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