The story of ONE PIECE continues with a new weekly chapter. After the temporary stop at Eiichiro Oda, the pirates of the Straw Hat crew must continue fighting to make their place among the giants of piracy. Let's see what happens inside ONE PIECE 1005.

Now put the conflict between Kaido and the new generation aside. ONE PIECE 1005 brings us back to the general Onigashima battlefield, but focuses on a few locations. While Katakuri fills the cover, we see the chapter "Demonic Child", a clear reference to Nico Robin.

On the third floor, Sanji is still trapped and in the hands of Black Maria, who filled the area with sticky cobwebs. With the request to take Nico Robin there, he plans to catch her and offer it to his captain. The cook says nothing and suffers from the blows of Black Maria, is bleeding, but then the woman stops and screams and asks Nico Robin to save him. Various characters can be seen, while Nami immediately notices that Sanji is up against a woman.

When Black Maria wants to end Sanji Nico Robin attacks the spider with a huge handand hurt her face. Brook is at the archaeologist's side and has taken care of freezing all the cobwebs and freeing Sanji. Sanji makes his way to Kinemon and the others. Nico Robin thanks him for his trust. Meanwhile, Yamato and Momonosuke were discovered at another location and escaped with Shinobu from the area after hiding the child in his suit. Jack sees each other again and the mammoth storms towards the nine red sheaths, which in his opinion are stronger than a Tobi Roppo even in this condition.

In the meantime, however, the clash between Nico Robin and Brook begins against Black MariaThe latter releases a new weapon and prepares to offer the enemy to his captain. But Nico Robin refuses to give up. ONE PIECE 1006 will appear next week with a colored cover and pages.

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