Kohei Horikoshi has included many characters in the story of Izuku Midoriya told on the series My hero academiaIt showed an infinity of skills and a more or less extravagant quirk with questionable consequences in some cases that led four young heroes and one villain to reject them, at least initially.

In the first place of this short ranking we find Shoto Todorokiwhose quirk Half Ice and Half Fire represent the maximum and perfect balance that can be achieved by uniting the powers of his parents, Enji and Rei Todoroki. While Shoto may be one of the Yuei's best heroes, he always has from a young age to the great words of Deku during the Academy Sports Festival refused to use that part of the power related to firebecause represented by her angry and anaffective father.

Eijiro Kirishima He could not bear his power, called Hardening, from a young age because he found it boring and too defensive, unlike those of his companions, who looked funnier and more spectacular. After seeing Mina Ashido in action, Kirishima changed her mind. pledge to become a true heroand leave those negative feelings behind.

Next we find Yuga Aoyama with his navel laser. The rejection of what appears to be a very strong quirk is based on abdominal pain and the weakness Yuga felt as a child immediately after using it. Fortunately, over time and afterwards Aoyama gained more confidence and stamina through intensive training, mainly thanks to a special strap that allows him to channel the beam and make it more precise.

The fourth and final hero on this list is Hitoshi Shinsowho repeatedly failed to qualify for grades 1-A and 1-B and was uncomfortable with the brainwashing quirk, which other students perceived almost negatively. Powered by a great willpower Shinso is one of the characters returning in the fifth season of the anime and will show that he is as worthy of becoming a true hero as his companions.

Finally we find Twice, the only villain in the ranking. Jin Bubaigawara He lived a miserable existence that led him to join the villain's union just to feel part of something and to escape the loneliness only sometimes broken by the creation of his clones thanks to the divisive power. Although he is now aware of it Potential of his quirk, which proved useful several timesOver time, he has developed a dissociative identity disorder that is now kept under control by the special mask he wears.

Recall that the heroes are back in action for season five in the new trailer, and we leave you to the explosive cosplay of Elizabeth Rage's mother from Bakugo.

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