As the symbiote threat continues to grow in the Marvel Comics universe thanks to the current King-in-Black event and the authors of the crossover series Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel, who combines the adventure of Luke Skywalker with that of Doctor Aphra, wanted to add a new villain of this type.

There Story written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Marco Checchetto, currently in volume four, featured the archaeologist Aphra, who has worked for Darth Vader in the past and has signed a contract with Luke Skywalker, which is essential for the encounter with the queen of the planet Ktath'atn. What led Aphra to do this was the belief that the queen in question was able to activate herself the crystal he found in Ordu Aspectu Temple, with a copy of a Jedi Master's personality.

After Luke accidentally shows his powers, the Queen invites her to dinner, during which three very insect-like creatures are served that immediately startle the protagonists. The queen introduces them as Abersyn Symbiotes, known as one of the most dangerous organisms in the galaxy, states that once they come in contact with a person, they take complete control of their brain and motor functions.

Shortly thereafter, we see Ian Solo, Leila Organa and Sana Starros arrive, and Aphra reveals that the Empire has refused to use the Symbiots as weapons because of their danger. However, the twists and turns do not end there as the queen reveals to be "infected" by one of the symbionts, but to be able to maintain their psycho-physical abilitiesis. The figure of the queen is characterized by an extremely pale complexion and is driven by the desire to feed on the life force and blood of the creatures. Despite the resistance to sunlight, she can easily be compared to a vampire.

She immediately shows an interest in Luke, hoping to increase her powers. After activating the crystal Aphra moves away from the fortress but decides to go back to rescue Luke. The Jedi becomes infected and the symbiote who wants to become king urges him to face the queen. Aphra tosses the crystal at Luke, hoping the copy inside will awaken, which is what it turns out Rur, a corrupt Jedi master who continues to encourage Skywalker to fight.

Fortunately, Luke manages to get rid of the double flu just before killing the queen, and as the protagonists move away from the planet, we discover that one of Ktath'atn's former slaves has been infected Symbiote of the Queen, managed to survive the battleand ready to restore his rule.

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