The Marvel Universe has been on the verge of destruction several times. This world where superheroes live is evidently also inhabited by super villains, sometimes simple meerkats with powers, sometimes weird beings with such great power that they really fear the worst. This time it could all come Fantastic Four.

Marvel Comics asked its readers a question: The Fantastic Four will be able to save their universe from ultimate destruction? Dan Slott and RB Silva will answer this question on number 27 of the Fantastic Four, which is slated for next December in the US. The title synopsis reads: "Everything comes to an end here on Yancy Street. Literally everything. Say goodbye to the earth, the galaxy, and life as we know it because this dimension is entirely destined for destruction. Whose fault is it? And why did you choose this moment to leave us because there is so much at stake? "

The content of the next issue could therefore be a continuation of Revelations made in Fantastic Four # 25 with a "change of the status quo" but without revealing who will be the originator of this destruction. But certainly the historical group of heroes will be at the center of the situation. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four have changed their looks and are preparing for the new Marvel Antithesis run.

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