The announcement that shook the world of Japanese heroes still has its aftermath. In the hospital, Endeavor seems far from salvation, despite family intervention. We've been tracking the Todoroki's past in My Hero Academia.

But it's time to move on Chapter 303 of My Hero Academia There is a basic intervention from Hawks and Best Jeanist. The two of them, who were listening behind the door at the finale of the last chapter, enter their colleague's room and ask for more information in order to understand who Dabi really is and what he is aiming for.

Rei kneels in front of both of them and apologizes on behalf of her son, who caused both problems, but the two heroes immediately raise the woman. Thinking of Endeavor and everything he went through, Hawks decides to continue to support him while also thinking about his relationship with his parents and Shoto and feeling appreciation for the boy. However, Hawks wonders what One for All is mentioned by Dabi, and Endeavor thinks of Deku.

In the hallway, Asui captured Bakugo and forcibly removed him from his classmate's room, while Best Jeanist is happy to see him healthy again. The two heroes would love to enter, but All Might has asked to be alone with his student. At the end of My Hero Academia 303, Toshinori realizes that Deku speaks to the old owners of the One for All. Will the boy be able to come back stronger than before?

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