After a break of a few weeks due to the Christmas holidays, theAnime by ONE PIECE has finally celebrated its comeback. The battle on Onigashima rages on, but the situation is soon turned upside down by a grandiose reappearance. Let's find out what will happen in the next installment of the adjustment.

ONE PIECE was one of the most watched series of 2022, with the Saga of Wano taking the series to new heights. In anticipation of new epic twists and the animated transformation, the great battle between the Mugiwaras and the Tobiroppos continues.

In ONE PIECE 1046, Zoro returns, previously protected from the attacks of the Queen and King by Sanji. The strongest pair of the Straw Hat crew therefore challenges the two generals of Kaido. Zoro fights with Kingas he tries to close the questions about his past, Sanji takes care of Queen. At the end of the episode we find Luffy waiting for Momonosuke to return to Onigashima.

During the next episode of the anime series, they will be their property Luffy and Momonosuke to step into the limelight. Momonosuke has grown up thanks to the powers of Shinobu's fruits and, in dragon form, will take on the future Pirate King to fly to the flying castle. Once they arrive on Onigashima, the fight between Kaido and Luffy will erupt again. ONE PIECE Episode 1047 Coming to Crunchyroll for simulcast streaming on January 15th.

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