Neon Genesis Evangelion is a historical series dedicated to Japanese animation, a pillar of an industry still awaiting the debut of the latest film associated with the rebuild tetralogy. In recent times, however, the franchise has exponentially strengthened and expanded the brand's inherent collaborations and products.

With the 25th anniversary of NGE, the masterpiece of Hideaki year is facing an advertising campaign of unprecedented proportions with a number of collaborations that only a title of this size can boast. Despite this extraordinary series of sponsorships, the director continues to apologize for the delay in distribution by promising to make a technical and high quality film.

However, the most recent collaboration that grew out of Neon Genesis Evangelion's roots sees the company as protagonists KATE, famous for the cosmetics market. In fact, starting February 2021, the company will be releasing a number of themed products, sponsored, among other things, with the release of an original illustration edited directly by Khara study, the same at the end of the news that shows the pilot of unit 00 Rei Ayanami.

Instead, what do you think of this franchise advertising campaign and this new collaboration with KATE? As usual, let us know what you think about this by commenting in the appropriate box below, but not before checking out these ratings disguised as Cartoon Network.

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