Naruto Uzumaki He entered the collective imagination as a hero who was able to stop all evil, as a kind hearted boy who was ready to take action to save his friends. However, after watching this fanart, fans of Kishimoto's work can no longer admire it as before.

On Twitter, user @Cannibalteeth sparked the hilarity of fandom by highlighting a previously unnoticed aspect of fandom Naruto advertising poster. The promo image, released over a decade ago to promote the anime, hides a weird secret. Let's find out.

As the post on Twitter shows, if you carefully look at the poster, you will find that Naruto's hand, especially two fingers, overlap the white collar of the protagonist's sweatshirt, completely distorting the features of the face. The face of the hero of Konoha it's decidedly longer than "normal," with a bizarre yet disturbing smile.

Although I have repeatedly saved the ninja world with this meme the prestige of the seventh Hokage is lost forever. And have you ever noticed that funny and dystopian detail? We admire Kakashi versus Zabuza and Haku in this spectacular Naruto cosplay series. Let's return to the Leaf Village with this Naruto Sakura Cosplay.

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