The last narrative arc of My hero academy it quickly evolves around Midoriya’s drastic decisions that resulted in him confronting the very same people he was trying to protect. Through tables full of action and dialogue, Horikoshi breaks through the fourth wall, with lines that transcend the sphere of oriental comics.

Chapter 320 begins immediately with the fight between Deku and his former classmates, came on the spot to help him and try to convince him to return to the academy. Hoping to awaken the protagonist’s optimistic, smiling and happy side, the students in class 1-A try to bring him to his senses in every way and even resort to some nice ideas.

“We know how you managed to unlock the Fourth and Sixth! It seems like it lately you are also dressed differently than the rest of us! “ With these words, Bakugo causes an annoying Deku at the opening table. Immediately after Midoriya’s reaction, which set off the sixth porter’s smoke screen, Kacchan continues.Are we just a handful of NPCs for you ?!“Clear reference to non-player characters that appear in paper and non-paper role-playing games.

Finally, Horikoshi uses the breakthrough of the fourth wall again with the sweet intervention of Tsuyu Asui, who thinks that Deku wants to be a comic superhero, a bizarre and decontextualized phrase when you think of the world of My Hero Academia.

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