During the Wano saga, the protagonists have shown themselves several times. Initially, in the initial stages of landing on the island, they wore the classic clothes they normally travel in. After that it was necessary adapt to the clothes of the new ONE PIECE island, dressed in various kimonos and yukatas and then switched to armor.

But now the crew is going to Onigashima in the ONE PIECE anime. The island is full of Kaido’s henchmen, all apparently in crew uniforms. It is precisely for this reason that Kinemon prepares its devil fruit so that everyone can disguise themselves as an enemy. Go through a mirror at the end of the entrance bridge, all clothes are changed with the characters getting horns, capes and belts according to the local fashion.

Of course, the Mugiwara are also transformed. Some of the scenes from ONE PIECE 983 linger directly on them and, as you can see below, the new Pirates of the Hundred Beasts style outfits are grouped into four stills. Luffy and Sanji are certainly the happiest with this change in appearance. Will they go unnoticed with these outfits or will they be spotted instantly by enemy pirates? Already in episode 984 of ONE PIECE something could change.

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