Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals is in the middle of a story arc set in the past that has drawn readers into the stories of a few famous heroes, particularly those of Knuckleduster, also known as O'Clock. However, we will be able to see All Might again soon.

In Chapter 91 of the spin-off of Kohei Horikoshi's work, O'Clock, known as Knuckleduster, sees himself struggling at the end of his tether before losing his quirk and becoming a vigilante Fight against a Nomu prototype. In addition, the hero has to deal with a mysterious gas that circulates in the underground battle arena.

As All For One and Kurogiri watch the fight from afar, Knuckleduster realizes it's time to move on to Plan B: buy enough time for Mirko to make it escape and call for reinforcements. But these long-awaited reinforcements seem to have a very specific name: All Might, the symbol of peace. Will we see the struggle between one for all and all for one in the next chapter? Meanwhile, In Vigilante My Hero Academia Knuckleduster seems to be All For One's main loot. In addition, we admire the return of All For One in Vigilante My Hero Academia.

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