It started in 2000 Nana, one of the most successful shojo manga of all time, which at times also managed to compete with ONE PIECE for the best-selling manga slot of the time. However, the regular phase that the series experienced in the early 2000s was interrupted when writer Ai Yazawa suspended publication.

While fans fondly remember Nana's anime and its story, many are hopefully waiting for more information about a possible return of the manga. Unfortunately, in a recent interview, Ai Yazawa ruled out Nana's return at short notice. But always, a few days after these statements, the mangaka shared the evolution of events.

According to the report published by Manga Mogura, the The creator of Nana said she hopes to get back to drawing, even if it meant doing it little by little. She believes the preparations for her art exhibition helped her regain some of her physical strength and is doing her best to cope.

This obviously means that Ai Yazawa won't be able to draw Nana for a while time, and when it does return to it, it won't be able to do so with a regular release.

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