In a few days, the volumes of the spin-offs of ONE PIECE will be published in Japan. Alongside Shokugeki no Sanji, the spin-off designed by Shun Saeki and written by Yuto Tsukuda, there is also Boichi's light novel adaptation about Ace. But the Japanese will also be able to count on another release, the much-anticipated one Volume 103 of ONE PIECE.

This will consist of 232 pages, much more than usual, and will gather some extremely important chapters that have completely redesigned some scenarios of ONE PIECE. this is that Luffy's Devil Fruit awakens and Gear Fifth debuts, one of the highlights of the Wano saga. As always, Eiichiro Oda posted a video on the official ONE PIECE account showing how he sketched this Cover of ONE PIECE 103.

You'll notice right away that Luffy's silhouette is always silhouetted against the moon in the center. Below, on the other hand, several versions have been designed, from the one with only Kaido to the last one with the Emperor flanked by Law and Kid. What we particularly notice, however, is the final color of the Gear Fifth, which makes Luffy almost completely white.

The volume is expected to consist of chapters from 1036 to 1046.

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