While the Kara organization was taking the first steps to achieve its mysterious goal, Naruto wanted to test the skills of the boys from Team 7 of in the face of the impending battle with the criminal group Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

With the inside of the Kara organization that they advance threateninglyBoruto was forced to train hard under Kakashi's advice and supervision. Thanks to the invaluable help of his father's former teacher, Naruto's son developed a new Rasengan and was able to defeat the fearsome Deepa. Now his skills have been tested in a sparring game by the Hokage himself.

After a brief exchange between the two, the Seventh Hokage finally realized the worth of Boruto, which states that the boy has reached the level of a chunin. Despite not yet earning this degree and failing the exam due to an irregularity, Boruto has made impressive strides that have made him valued by his father. After the bitter disappointment of seeing him subtly exploit scientific ninja weapons, Naruto is now proud of his son. But will he be ready to face the Kara organization and the mysterious Kawaki? The threat from the criminal group is approaching in the latest episode of Boruto. Sarada trains with the Shuriken in this Boruto cosplay.

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